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OrganizationDrupal issuescoopmed.org: Primary menu show items for all languages (i18n) . Has to show only items of selected languagebugcompleted3-high 
OrganizationDrupal issuesopentasks.e-duca.eu: create a link to creating a new ticket inside every task pagefeature requestcompleted1-low 
OrganizationDrupal issuesopentasks.e-duca.eu: in tasks, Tickets link and icon has to be hidden for users no assigned to that taskfeature requeston hold1-low 
OrganizationDrupal issuesTheming: move slider from page.tpl.php to new block region previosly created feature requestcompleted1-low 
OrganizationDrupal issuesopentasks.e-duca.eu: Send email to informate about actions in some circustancesbuginserted1-low 
OrganizationDrupal issuese-duca.eu: YUI MENU primary links items doesnt get on activate link colorbuginserted1-low 
OrganizationDrupal issuesacie.es: adsense blocks only appear in first 3 nodes in home page. Needed show blocks in all teaser nodes in frontpage.buginserted1-low 
OrganizationDrupal issuesdonbenitovillanueva.es: update drupal from 5.x to 6.xbuginserted1-low